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I never actually had a bio until now [2021/04/19]. See ya later, Yahoo Answers. It's been a good one.

  • See you guys later?

    Hello. My name is A. I'm 19 years old and I live in Canada. I went on this site for the first time probably around a decade ago. I didn't even have a Yahoo account then. 

    I like to think I will see one of the users on this site on the street. Perhaps in a car on a highway. Perhaps in a comment section. We'll never know. I think that's the beauty of anonymity on the internet. So many people on this site. All from so many different ages, races and countries. From 9 to 90 years old. So many people here who have each impacted someone's life. In many cases we impact someone's life without us even knowing.Alas, all good things must come to an end. I feel rushed to type all this out. There's not many times in our lives when we are given a chance for a proper goodbye. I'd like to give a proper goodbye to everyone on this site. I hardly ever used this site but it made an impact on the lives of many people, including myself. I don't quite know why I'm feeling emotional but I'm not ashamed of it.From the first post I saw, the first question I answered, the people who have interacted with me and everyone in between. If you ever touched this site, I'd like to say thank you and farewell.Hopefully we will see each other again sometime. Maybe on the street, maybe in a car, maybe in a comment section.Goodbye!

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  • Any last words for Yahoo Answers?

    This site actually helped me discover some things about myself and gave me a laugh or two. Pretty impactful site to be honest. Sad to see it go. This is my first question on this site. It may or may not be the last one I ask. 

    So I ask everyone, speak or forever hold your silence. Perhaps that statement is misleading since I think Yahoo Answers will live on in legend and we shall archive as much as we can. 

    This was the first answer site I came across and it honestly has a better culture than any of the other sites. 

    Farewell Yahoo Answers. I'll see you in Vahalla. You'll live on in my heart. 


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