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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 7 days ago

Did Derek Chauvin do exactly what he was trained to do?

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  • 6 days ago

    If Floyd was already dying, and Chauvin helped him along with the knee on the neck, isn't that ASSISTED SUICIDE and therefore ILLEGAL?

  • 6 days ago

    Some say that Chauvin followed his training. Others say he went beyond what his training would allow. But every arrest is different, and only Derek Chauvin knows whether he exceeded his training. IMHO, Chauvin was dealing with George Floyd, a man who had enough drugs in him that he was already in the process of dying as the drugs did more and more damage to his cardio-pulmonary function(s) as time progressed that day. Floyd's death was likely inevitable, whether Chauvin was there or not.  

  • 7 days ago

    over 100 police organizations across the country denounced Chauvin's handling and methods within days of the arrest video going viral...

    so.... do you remember that reported on any of the TV networks that do your thinking for you, or did they talk more about "systemic" problems?

    isn't there a word for the type of people who denounce the whole for the actions of a few?

  • 7 days ago

    Yes, and so did the entitled Democrat George Floyd with 34 convictions including home invasion, attempted kidnapping and holding a gun to a pregnant woman stomach.

    You know, the typical Democrat of Bidens America.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    In a kind of ironic sense, in the sense of “reverse logic” I guess you could say, he was in fact following his “training”. Why would I even say that? Because obviously the police dept. he worked for didn’t seem to have any problem with his brutal and even homicidal techniques.  He had had 18 KNOWN complaints against him in his career,  those that were filed, had shot two people, one fatally,  and had used excessive and prolonged force on others in the past who Also claimed they were not able to breathe and he ignored them. They just didn’t happen to die like Floyd did. 

    From my own experience with the police I know for a fact that even if he had 18 KNOWN complaints there were probably many other people he had brutalized since in my own experience with police I know that if you’ve been abused by them enough times and you see the results when you file a complaint you don’t even bother anymore. Because nothing ever gets done. 

    These cops just Stay on the force and they continue brutalizing people just like Derek Chauvin did. Nobody does anything about it. Unless they happen to execute a handcuffed unarmed civilian like Floyd and there were bystanders filming it on their phones. And even then there will be plenty of people around to Make excuses for them. You see a lot of people coming on yahoo answers doing that. You see that expert witness who said there was “no excessive use of force involved” doing it. And so on and so forth. The police unions always have their backs. Etc. etc.

    And I’m sure there were others who were brutalized but didn’t report it and nobody was around to video it.Some of the suspects he Brutalized were minors. There’s so much information about Chauvin’s brutality and cool, calculated sadism on the Internet that I don’t even have time to provide all the links. Just take your pick. 

    But despite all the complaints he had against him, he was always allowed to remain on the police force and continue his sadistic treatment of unarmed human beings.The man is pure evil, One of the women he was brutalizing during an arrest made this comment to the rookie officer Chauvin was training at the time. And she was absolutely right. She called that one perfectly. She said he was pure evil And told the rookie cop to take notice of that.If you look at his face you can see it. If you look at the way he showed absolutely no emotion when he was choking George Floyd to death you can see it. Pure evil. The definition of a psychopath. He was and is sadistic psychopath who enjoyed inflicting pain upon other human beings.

     The police departments and the police unions all over this country have always protected their psychopathic  and killer cops. In the days before cell phones how many times do you think this happened and nobody ever found out about it? 

    Cops got away with the most unimaginable brutality because nobody ever knew about it. They didn’t even have body cams for a long long time. They could kill somebody and get away with it. No body cams. Nobody to video it on their cell phones. If they shot somebody who was unarmed they could always plant a weapon on that person to make it look like they did it in self-defense. These things happened all the time. Watch the old Al Pacino movie “Serpico” for example  if you want to see how corrupt the police have been historically in this country. That’s why they keep doing what they do. 

    It’s a culture of brutality and violence and it’s always covered up and the “blue wall of silence” is always there. It’s them against us. Just hope that you’re never a victim. I have been and I’m not even black. And I’m older. I know what it’s like. You will never trust a cop again after you’ve had some of the experiences I’ve had.

  • e9601:
    Lv 6
    7 days ago

    So he was trained to murder/ ? He needs to be punished for killing him.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    Are the police trained to murder unarmed and subdued black people?

  • 7 days ago

    The people who trained him said no in their testimony in court.  Meanwhile those of unknown credentials here say otherwise. It is like they remain intentionally ignorant to avoid facts showing them to be wrong.  

  • 7 days ago

    Nope. He was not trained to kneel on someone's neck for 9 minutes. He knew what he was doing and now he's pleading the fifth.

  • 7 days ago

    Yes, apprehend and detain criminals.

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