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I wonder if we are allowed to say Goodbye?

I have used this board since 2005, when it opened. It was interesting and to the point. A lot of people gave up when the Board became a home for potty talk and nasty American politics sniping.

To all the people who answered my questions with useful information, and who commented sensibly on my answers  - thanks, all the best, stay safe out there.



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  • 6 days ago

    Same to you dude.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    you can but there isnt really a medium. you just asked another question

    P.S. Can post answers after midnight but not questions which must have stopped first and after 11EST

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    It's after midnight Eastern time and it still works!

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    1st vaccine shuts off your immune system; 2nd vaccine gives you diseases; 3rd vaccine puts your immune system back and it will start fighting the diseases and will cause death. Chipped vaccines = mark of the beast.

    Sakashvilli and his wife are the heads of human organ harvesting operation during war in Ukraine. They send organs of civilians and organs of soldiers to Israel and America. Someone is hit by car or bullet, then their organs are harvested and sent abroad.

    Holy hell mRNA vaccine by Moderna contains *Luciferin* dissolved with *66.6* ml of distilled *phosphate* buffer solution.

    ...mark of the beast...that's what it is...

    all vaccines are chipped

    all vaccines have cells of aborted fetuses in them

    Police stop you at checkpoint to check if you’re chipped (aka vaccinated)

    Police check the car; let's say 4 people car but signal only from 3; so, police stop it to chip the notyetchipped; signal from 4 now and police let the car go. This is prophecy by saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov. Notice police chip (aka vaccinate) people at gun point in Africa; so, no more "it's not gonna happen here" 'cuz it will soon enough, capisce?

    Police do it on highways or when you leave your city... basically, you can't leave your city unless you're vaccinated; but vaccine = mark of the beast; so, escape now while your city doesn't have these rules; forgive me.

    Gov't sprays chemtrails so that people feel symptoms of flu

    5G will kill vaccinated; just read Georgia Guidestones' commandment of 500 million max population on earth; it fits with Orthodox Christian prophecy of 7 percent of people left

    Russian Orthodox prophecy also says that there will be unbearable stench in winter. So, there you go. Russian winters are cold. So, they must have died from the new disease that doesn't have a name 'cuz it's caused by 5G.

    martial law; Constitution was suspended; New World Order

    read Book of Revelation; Chapters 13 and 14, please

    chipped people will be influenced by super computers to receive World Passport (grey plastic card with no name on it), but when they stretch their hands to get it, gov't clerk presses secret button to administer the unforgivable green 666 tattoo by isotope rays

    If you escape mark of the beast, then your direct ancestors go to permanent heaven

    how to escape it? by hiding within a small group (10 - 15 people according to saints Gabriel Urgebadze and Seraphim of Sarov); no documents; no electronics

    Project Pogo = Alex Jones, QAnon, Adam Green, etc. videos are put out so that gov't tracks who watches them. (Project Zyphr annihilates people who watch these videos). Drone with scopolamine will drill a hole in your window at 4 am. Once gassed, you will come out to the police van (waiting for you outside) yourself; you will be taken to underground camp to be tortured for adrenochrome. The rest of the people will be secretly (or even openly) chipped when they sign up for food in closed stores

    AI (artificial intelligence aka demons) will post on your social media as if it were you doing it while you're on vacation; it will even make phone calls on behalf of you; no one will notice that you're missing in action.

    Source(s): Blood/body of Jesus kills parasites. Orthodox Christian three hand signs are different than Buddhist mudras. Ecumenism = 263 heresies; each heresy leads to hell. Orthodoxy = the only true faith; Roman Catholics tried one cup - one spoon ritual and got sick with Bubonic plague; if heresy enters Orthodox monastery then monks/nuns will get sick with flu/tuberculosis (for instance); Orthodox churches who closed for COVID or had disposable cups/spoons or dipped spoon into alcohol are no longer brides of Christ (now they serve Satan and honor Satan's new COVID religion). Patriarch Irenaios 1st blessed Catacomb movement more than five years ago; what you need is antimins (remains of saints sewn into a towel), wax candles, one cup and one spoon.
  • 6 days ago

    I've never answered most of the questions here (or asked questions.) I've mostly been a lurker. But I think I'll definitely miss this site, some of the funniest things I've read online came from here. 

    Goodbye, Yahoo Answers... you will be missed.

  • 6 days ago


  • Youre welcome, even though i probably didnt ever speak to you before this. GG.

  • 6 days ago

    We are, I thought it would be shutdown at 8:00 PM EST since that is when the day resets. I guess it is midnight or possibly we can use this site through tomorrow. 

  • ?
    Lv 7
    6 days ago

    I thank all, as well.  

      Goodbye and have a good journey.  I wish you well.  

  • 6 days ago

    I don't know if I answered any of your questions or not (or if you answered mine) but thank you for your goodbye post. 

    I've been on YA since 2009 and really enjoyed it. I tried to answer in the way that I would have wanted others to answer my own. I hope I was of help.



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