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If you are white how many times have you been asked to exit your vehicle for a traffic stop?

It has happened only once to me.  3 of us in the vehicle, one was black.  I and the other white guy had our hands on the trunk. They had the black guy on the ground.


It does depend a lot on the officer.  Back in HS a friend and I were hitchhiking from NJ to DC and back.  We were checking out colleges there. (this was almost exactly  49 years ago) On the way back two NJ troopers stopped us.  One talked to me was respectful and curious about the purpose of our travel (but still told me to get off the highway).  The other one had my friend emptying his pack.  The one talking to me looked over and just shook his head at his partners behavior.

Update 2:

Mismatched Tube Socks - which Tribal Police?  I lived in NM and AZ for quite a while and found the Navajo ones to be real aholes.  Not so much with the others.

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  • Never in Australia we have direct laws speed is checked By Radar so when Booked you get a Printout from the Radar and the Ticket 

    If You are stopped For DUI they have a Blow in the Bag no silly dog tricks like Touching your Nose if the Blow in the bag is negative you are sent on your way

    we also have a Drug test if Negative sent on your way there is No ambiguity the Police have No Choice

    If any Test comes up Positive you are Arrest for Breaking a defined law

    Jaywalking you Must be in a Position where Traffic is stopping because you are walking in the Traffic if you just walk across the Road and No Trafic Not Jaywalking You are Not Forced to cross at any Crossing

    we have Mobile Phone laws simply do not use a Mobile phone whilst Driving Period No excuses. I have never owned a Mobile Phone

    I have Not been Fined for any Motoring Incident since 1993 Why because the Laws are Simple and the Police know the Law 

    A Light out ios not a crime Bulbs blow all the time a Lost Number Plate is Not  a Crime

    and when we register a Vehicle it is on the Police Computer they Run the Plate and the Computer says Licenced Insured and Legally registered

    and no need to pull the Driver over Look at all the Money saved Because there is No Interaction with Police

    Note I am Over 80 last accident my Fault was in 1962 and i have never had a driving test

    I was taught to drive every vehicle in the RAF Motor Pool and On completion was Given a Licence i asked about a Motorcycle Licence and told to go and Ride the RAF dispatch Motorcycle around the Yard i did for 5 Minutes and i got a licence that Looked like an A to Z ann don by an RAF Sgt Motor mechanic

    My Ex Father inlaw came back from North Africa 1945 went to the Post Office for a Licence Filled out the Form and was Given a free Licence Not Tested by anyone and when he Passed at 96 he had never received a Ticket

  • 1 week ago

    Not here to answer the question.  Just to ask one.  To the white guy who said he has driven over 50 years, I've driven for 33 years.  I've been pulled over I think 6 or 7 times.  What the heck have you been pulled over 30-40 times for?  

  • 1 week ago

    I am not white.I have not been asked to exit vehicle for a traffic stop.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    I’ve been asked to exit the vehicle on a number of occasions for no good reason here in the Nazi police state known as Connecticut. Like one time when I was sitting in a rental car with out of state plates in a supermarket parking lot looking at my phone and some stupid nosy, busybody cvnt thought I was having a ‘medical emergency’ just because I was bent over looking at my phone. So she called the cops and they came and started harassing me Because I refused to give them identification and felt they had no right to be questioning me when they realized that there was nothing wrong with me. But I know they were on a fishing expedition particularly because I had out-of-state plates on the rental car and they wanted to try to get something on me. They detained me and wouldn’t let me leave and I asked to speak to a supervisor and he came and he basically just started harassing me along with them.Then they called an ambulance and were going to force me to go in the ambulance unless I agreed to answer some stupid questions by the ambulance driver to prove that I was mentally coherent. The whole thing was incredible. I should have sued the f*ck out of them. The lawyers here won’t take any kind of case unless you actually died from the abuse, and I’ve had so many bad experiences with cops over the years and lawyers who won’t represent you for anything unless they can make $1 million that I don’t even bother anymore. And the judges in the court system here are just as bad as the cops anyway. So I just expect them to abuse me whenever  I get pulled over. And yes, I’m very WHITE and most of my problems with redneck CT cops and state troopers happened when I was in my 50s and 60s. A few of them during the almost two-year period I was homeless after my divorce and living in my car. As if I didn’t have enough problems. But they wouldn’t leave me alone even then. I’ve met a few decent cops in my life but most of them, definitely here in Connecticut, are psychopaths and scumbags. And that’s the bottom line.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 week ago

    Only once. The officer noticed a detail which seemed suspicious to him. He asked me to sit in his vehicle while he ran my car licence plates. I did what he said without freaking out or resisting, and it all came to nothing. 

    Any other times I was stopped, the officer actually wanted me to stay inside my car. Even when my drivers licence was in my purse in the trunk, the officer said don't get out. He wanted to go get it himself from the trunk. 

  • 1 week ago

    I had FACTORY half-silvered license-plate lights on my Nissan 200 SX. I was stopped numerous times (at least 3) for "dim license plate lights". Last time I WAS asked to step out... I never counted as I am quite law-abiding. The trooper said they were dim, I stepped toward the car to look closer to see if they were dirty, "STEPP BACK FROM THE VEHICLE", came the stern voice. I SAID I just wanted to see if they were dirty. After another warning, I took out the bulbs and saw that they were reflective silvered! I bought clear bulbs and never got stopped anymore for dim lites. It made a BIG difference on the plate.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    AS a Caucasian, in 50+ years of driving I've been stopped approximately 30 to 40 times

    And out of that many stops, I was ordered to exit my vehicle no less than approximately 5 to 7 times,,, Twice at gunpoint. 

    And, I don'[t have any illusions about any of it. 

    Odds are, the reason I'm alive to answer this question is because I simply complied & didn't give the cops any crap about it.

  • I've was asked once, because I forgot to get my registration paperwork in order before driving a newly acquired used vehicle.

    They were trying to figure out if the vehicle was stolen, even though they just saw me get off work.  (exiting the factory parking lot at 11 pm)

    I've sometimes been treated condescendingly during traffic stops, but never put on the ground or anything.

    Conversely, I've also been treated all depends on the cop and the luck of the draw.

    I try not to give them attitude about anything, and announce all my movements (getting my wallet, etc) before I make them.

    Unarmed white people are also killed out of hand by law enforcement.

    I was also waved through a license check once..the reason being that I wasn't Mexican.  (the cop told me not to bother with license and registration, they were looking for Mexicans with no license/insurance.  I kept my trap closed, but that made me feel icky.)

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 week ago

    A few times. I have also been detained and arrested by the police.

    In my late teens and early twenties I was quite the miscreant, and have several run-ins with Johnny Law under my belt.

    The only time I ever felt uneasy with the police was when pulled over in Shreveport, La. back in 1996. Those officers were not like any other I ever encountered, and not even Tribal Police have been at that level in my experience.

  • None and have never been stopped by police.

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