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  • Earl Simmons, will you miss him?

    DMX Was the ******* ****!!!!!

    Had his issues during his career.

    Never thought he would die.

    I'M cranking "Party Up"!!!! (uncensored).

    Dude made a mark on my youth and many others.

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop2 weeks ago
  • SCALPERS!!!!??

    Why are you ******* still buying from 3rd party Assholes who buyout supplies and sell at 3 times the price?

    My opinion, you're worse than the scalpers.

    I've seen these people first hand, they have NO life, they have no jobs, but to **** over people.

    Hotwheels at $5 a pop.

    They will pay attention to when stockers go on break and open cases, then run to the checkout before anyone knows.

    Get a ******* JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scalpers offer Nothing to Society.

    They didn't produce anything, anything at all.

    They are just selling what should be available to others, but they buy them up and name the price, which is normally 3 times.

    I only hope that the word "Scalper" is being tossed around enough to get the attention of law makers.

    BTW, I wouldn't buy a PS5 till probably next year anyway, but I HATE scalpers.

    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment3 weeks ago
  • Skylanders?

    That game series means SO MUCH to me.

    Mother with Dementia.

    What did yall think of it?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games4 weeks ago
  • Would You stop buying if you disagree with the Companies views?

    So yeah, the best pillow I have ever used is the My Pillow, I own 9 of them.

    I NEVER paid full price, but got them on QVC and Zulily.

    Used to work at Walmart and at full price those things NEVER moved.

    Bed Bath and Beyond is dropping dude's pillows and I hear it's because of his statements and political views.

    They say it's because they don't sell, I'm not so sure either way?

    So my question is, would you buying a product you find great because the owner's viewpoint isn't your's?

    Or would you stop shopping at a retailer who dropped said product because they don't like the producer's views?

    They are the BEST pillows I have ever purchased and know dude was an addict, now crazy religious guy, but should that matter?

    BTW, I own so many cause I bought my Mother with early onset Dementia four and she sleeps without snoring, or neck problems now.

    I know Trolls will attack me, saying I'm a plant, but that's not the case.

    Most of them will be "Anonymous". 

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 months ago
  • How do you live a life as a caregiver when you are 24/7 with a non-verbal person, that person being your Mother who suffers PPA?

    You All make me sick to death. I wish Nothing but the worse for you.

    She was a Wiccan and so I understand 3 fold, I just want this to end.

    For HER and myself, It's ******* HARD to watch her slowly fade away.

    I can't try and remember her anymore.

    How do I care for others, when I'm wiping her *** and changing her underwear?

    This is more of a vent.

    10 AnswersPsychology4 months ago
  • Is my Mother scratching cause it feels good?

    It's been about five years now that she moved in with me and two years since I quit my job to care for her fulltime.

    I was scared cause someone I knew mentioned many years ago that her mother got aroused by being bathed.

    No issues with that, but now she puts her hands down her pants and scratches.

    I have powder (cornstarch) and barrier cream on her, she gets showers once a week when I get help and use Summer Eve on her.

    She takes D-Mannose, my brother said a female friend of his said works to control UTI's?

    She has Early Onset Dementia, possibly (most likely) Primary Progressive Aphasia.

    Clearly I cant get answers from Dementia sufferers.

    I want to know if,,,, How do I put it?

    Do you care for anyone who still shows sexual urges?

    My brother will NOT wash her in the shower.



    1 AnswerMental Health5 months ago
  • No More Commercials Worth It?

    My Brother mentioned something the other day which made sense and which I never thought about before.

    Have streaming services (which offer ad-free upgrades) recently seen a surge in subscribers opting for those upgrades?

    I for one was going to watch the newest episode of a show the other night, but on network tv, the commercials were crazy long and ALL political and nasty.

    I turned it off and went back to the streaming service which I could watch it the next day without the ads.

    Do you think streaming services with ad-free subscriptions have seen in influx in subscribers???


    1 AnswerReality Television6 months ago
  • I get paid by the state to care for my Mother who was diagnosed with early onset Dementia five or so years ago.?

    She moved in and I was working third shift at Walmart, I kept it secret for the most part (Managers knew).

    I was like basically getting 3 hours of sleep for 2 years.

    Then the state said She cause get help.

    They offered a ton, but only while I was away and she was awake rest of the time.

    I was offered higher paying positions but had to turn then all down.

    My question is so BROKEN.

    What will Biden or Trump do for Caregivers.

    Under Trump I still get paid.

    I will NEVER let her go into a home, and if Biden cuts my paycheck, will he understand my self inflicted death?????

    Or show I say Harris, which she don't care ****.

    My Mother brought me here, she took care and so shall I.

    Take ALL Mine, You **** with my Mother, It's Serious!!!

    7 AnswersFamily6 months ago
  • Why can't I get The Cranberries off my Youtube "Next Video" algorithm? ?

    Seriously, I like played them three or four times and yet I have to ALWAYS turn of a song by them.

    And if I do let one of their videos play through, will Youtube then think I want to hear more of them, cause I really don't.

    I guess life is good if that's basically my only gripe, but, come on!!!

    And this is a serious question for anyone who knows how algorithms work in tech.

    Cause if Youtube is telling me that The Cranberries are SO important to listen to, when A.I. takes over,,,, Holly ****.

    YouTube8 months ago
  • Why are Americans not aware of the future?

    Biden has dementia, Kamala Harris will be President and, good lord, she will destroy this country.

    I say this for ONE reason alone, Abortions.

    She will allow Late Term and charge the tax payers for it.

    Late term, involves cutting up a baby in the whom and pulling it out in pieces.

    Laws exist now to make it a crime to pull a baby out head first, so they need to cut it up first, or make sure they pull feet first.

    If the baby takes a breathe, it's murder, so they have to be sure it's dead before extraction.

    I didn't give a **** about it till I saw a PBS Frontline episode (you can't find anymore) where they had the camera on the girl while getting and abortion and then talked to her later and you could tell she was mentally and while the extraction was happening hurt.

    Harris is All OK with this ****.

    She isn't a running mate, she is running for President and the Dems ****** Biden and the people!!!!

    This is the most obvious example of BATE and SWITCH.

    A vote for Biden is a vote for Murder.

    3 AnswersPolitics8 months ago
  • Is Empathy a Realistic Expectation?

    I only know what I've seen and experienced in my life.

    My issues may not be your's, vice versa.

    How can someone actually say that they feel the same way when they have NOT been through the same as said?


    Empathy is a word people like to throw around to accuse others of being wrong.

    3 AnswersPsychology9 months ago
  • Who first coined the phrase "Smell You Later"?

    Fresh Prince first aired in 1990 and it was part of the opening theme.

    The Simpsons, although first aired as a series in 1989 and the phrase was a notable one by Nelson, I can't find when the first time Nelson muttered it.

    One would figure that well before The Fresh Prince aired, the theme was written, correct?

    So who said it first?

    If neither did, then who?


    Books & Authors1 year ago