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  • Where will Cam Newton end up in 2020?

    I personally think he'll end up with the Denver Broncos. Drew Lock did some nice things for them last year but the four games he won were against very bad defenses and the teams he won against had a combine record of 26-37-1.

    Having Cam Newton on their team makes them automatic contenders in the weak AFC. if he doesn't go to the Broncos I can see him being used as insurance for the very inaccurate quarterback Josh Allen considering Sean McDermott worked with Cam Newton for seven years.

    Last choice would be the Jets, Sam Darnold just has not been showing the signs of becoming a great QB and Cam Newton would energize that team.

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  • Once the Raiders move do you see another NFL team relocating to the Bay area?

    The bay area is growing with a population of 7 million and can easily support two teams. The Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas next year which will leave the area with only the San Francisco 49ers. 

    BQ: What team will relocate to the Bay Area? 

    BQ 2: Will another team relocate to San Diego?

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  • Is anyone else shocked how the worst QB in the preseason this year Easton Stick made the roster instead of Cardale Jones?

    The Chargers drafted Easton Stick in the 5th round this year. Easton stick then has rewarded them with the worst preseason performance by a QB in Chargers history.

    Stick has completed 58.7 percent of his passes this preseason with one touchdown and four interceptions for an embarrassing QB rating of 44.1.

    Cardale Jones his competition for the 3rd string spot had a Tom Brady like 68.3 completion percentage for 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions for a QB rating of 103.4. He also has rushed for 39 yards and a rushing touchdown

    Easton Stick played at North Dakota because he couldn't get any other offers and after seeing him this preseason everything is starting to make sense.


    BQ: What team is Cardale Jones going to end up with now?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)2 years ago
  • Should the Packers cut Tim Boyle?

    The Packers have already made it clear Deshon Kizer is going to be the 2nd string QB behind Rodgers by having him only take 2 series today and Kizer has been lights out so far in the pre-season going 13/23 for 172 yards and 1 TD and 0 INT's in 2 games. Tim Boyle with more than twice as many snaps took than Kizer still has thrown only 147 yards barely moving the offense.

    It seems to me Boyle is competing with Manny Wilkins for the practice squad/ 3rd string QB spot.

    I believe the packers know what they have in Boyle which is a below average QB. Should the packers cut him and give Wilkins the 3rd string spot?

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  • Should the Bears look at signing RG3 or Colin Kaepernick?

    Mike Glennon has played awful and I mean awful. Then again what do you expect from him? Their's a reason why Winston started so early on.

    Glennon this season has 5 touchdowns and 8 turnovers which is costing a solid bears team from making progress. The rookie Trubisky is a project and is not ready.

    Why not go for a vet who's been to the playoffs or one who was just a throw from winning the super bowl. Heck even Josh Freeman would be better then Mike Glennon who is making $16 million this year.


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  • Should the 49ers or Jets try to sign Colin Kaepernick or RG3 before it's too late?

    So the two "saviors" for their teams looked pathetic. Let's look at the stats.

    Josh McCown: had an embarrassing 56 QB rating with 187 yards and two interceptions.To be honest he looked like an old man way past his prime which wasn't even great to begin with.

    Brain Hoyer argued that he shouldn't even be in the league. He helped lead his team to 3 points had 190 yards passing and 2 turnovers.

    Now let's look at Kaepernick and RG3's stats

    Kaepernick: 72 TD's 30 INT's 89 QB rating

    RG3: 42 TD's 26 INT's 88 QB Rating

    Is it time for these teams to give up and get a guy who can win before it's too late?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)4 years ago
  • Do I have the right to be mad and should I quit my job?

    So basically I work at a restaurant/pub and many of our bartenders will be leaving in the next coming of months.

    I've been working there for almost 2 years, helping out bartenders as a server and learning about our drinks in my spare time. When we get new bartenders we actually don't look for people with bartending experience but usually just some servers who show excellence in their position.

    The 4 people they decide to train.

    (Steve) (19) works 40 hours of week on top of school, hard worker, has been working at our place for 5 months.

    (Mary) (19) sister is a bartender there, has no clue about any drinks, Has been working here for 7 months.

    (Emma) (25) One of our worst servers, always lost in space but somehow is being offered a bartending job.

    (Christine) (19) has been working here for 5 months and has asked me what a jack and coke was at one point.

    I just feel disrespected, this is a job I always expressed interest in and I feel the people they're promoting besides Steve don't deserve it.

    Again I'm 21,I'm in college and have been working there for 2 years and I'm thinking about quitting once I can get a bartending job somewhere else. My name is Mark

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  • Who will be the next team to move to San Diego?

    San Diego has 1.4 Million people, yes you heard that correctly and is the 8th largest city in the United Sates. Maybe you think Chargers fans will travel to L.A but I don t see that happening for most fans.

    California supports 5 teams in baseball and can easily support 5 in football.

    Who s next?

    1 AnswerFootball (American)4 years ago
  • AFC East Predictions?

    I want to hear everyone's opinions.

    Obviously the Patriots are starting the race late with Jimmy G most likely to start the next 4 games. I personally think he'll get benched for Brissett by week 3. The Patriots do have Gronk and a solid receiving core behind them as well as a defense that will continue to succeed with Chris Long.

    The Bills have the three duo attack of Tyrod Taylor, Watkins, and Shady. But they're lack of a strong receiving core after Charles Clay could be an issue as well as their very average secondary.

    As far as talent goes the Dolphins Defense is the best in the Division, led by Mario Williams, Cameron Wake and Reshad Jones and the living legend Suh himseld it looks tough to beat. One they need is their QB to start making his receivers look better because of his play.

    The Jets oh my hatred for them is so high. Great receivers, solid defense but shaky QB play. If Fitzmagic doesn't choke in Week 17 like he did last year they may make the playoffs. Here's my prediction.

    Patriots: 12-4

    Bills: 9-7

    Jets: 7-9

    Dolphins: 5-11

    Thoughts? And what's your guy's prediction?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)5 years ago
  • What will be the New England Patriots record will be without Brady?

    Here's what I think, I just want options as a die hard patriots fan this is what I think

    Week 1 @Arizona: First week and he has to face off against that defense? Please it's going to be a blood feast. Cardinals: 37 Patriots: 17 Stats: 14-35 245 yards 1 TD 3 INT's (8 rushing yards)

    Week 2: Home vs the Dolphins: Here Jimmy moves onto a team that is the worst in the division. I still think the dolphins will pull away with the running game of Arian Foster who has his rebound game from his injuries with 141 rushing yards. Dolphins win 23-20. Stats 20-33 201 yards 2 TD's 2 INT's. (12 rushing yards but a fumble.)

    Week 3: Home vs the Texans: I see the Texans come facing the Patriots being 2-0. Easy wins home against the Bears and Chiefs who got lucky last season. Led by two stars in J.J Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. After the Dolphins game I feel the Patriots will get nervous and throw in Jacoby Brissett from N.C state. He will not let them down with a close win 21-20. Stats: 12-20 183 yards 1 TD 0 INT's (40 rushing yards)

    Against the Bills at home is a tough match up, well at least without Tom Brady it is.anyway. Even Jacoby Brissett couldn't keep up with the duo of McCoy and Karlos Williams. Brissett tries to lead two 4th quarter drives but his inexperience shows as he tosses up 2 INT's. The Bills will be 1-2 with only a win against New York so this will be a much needed win as they win 28-24. Brissett: 21-31 for 230 yards, 1 TD 3 INT's. Thoughts?

    15 AnswersJokes & Riddles5 years ago
  • How long until the Las Vegas franchise in the NHL folds/moves?

    Okay so for those who haven t heard the news the NHL has granted an expansion team to no not Quebec City who adores hockey, no not Seattle that has some of the most passionate fans in the country, But a city with yes 0 professional sport franchises.

    My big thing is why is the NHL even expanding when they have struggling teams? Both Carolina and Arizona can not support their teams and why? Because the NHL is trying way too hard to push teams into markets where they re not wanted.

    Does the NHL really think people in Las Vegas would rather go to a hockey game (a sport they never played) and pay for a $9 coors light?

    What are your thoughts guys because right now I see them moving to Quebec City or folding in 6 years. Phoenix has an even bigger population then Vegas and they ve been struggling since the start. That s what happens when you put a professional hockey team into a city with no culture of hockey.

    4 AnswersHockey5 years ago
  • Thoughts on my predictions for the NFL standings of 2016?

    Patriots: 14-2 (Brady will play all 16 games and Goodell is going to look like a fool)

    Bills: 10-6 (wildcard)

    Jets 10-6 (wildcard) with Geno

    Dolphins 4-12


    Browns: 9-7 (RG3 has a 93 QB rating for his career, watch him explode)

    Steelers: 7-9

    Ravens 5-11

    Jaguars: 10-6

    Colts: 8-8

    Texans 8-8

    Titans: 6-10

    Raiders: 10-6

    Chargers: 9-7

    Chiefs: 5-11 (back to reality)

    Broncos 3-13 (No QB, Paxton Lynch and Sanchez are pitiful. The two games they win will be because DT carries them.

    Cowboys: 10-6

    Giants: 6-10

    Redskins 6-10

    Eagles: 6-10

    Vikings: 12-4

    Lions: 11-5 (wildcard)

    Packers: 8-8

    Bears: 4-12

    Panthers: 13-3

    Bucs: 10-6 (wildcard

    Saints: 8-8

    Falcons: 6-10

    Seahawks: 12-4

    Los Angeles Rams 9-7

    49ers: 9-7

    Cardinals: 4-12 (Palmer is officially frightened and plays scared after being embarrassed by throwing 4 INT's in his last playoff game.


    6 AnswersFootball (American)5 years ago
  • Who will be next to move to Los Angeles?

    Obviously great news has happened, the NFL has just gotten a team out of one of the smallest markets in America into the 2nd biggest market in America.

    The chargers have a year to negoitate a deal with the Rams to be a part of the stadium but if they can't negotiate a deal then the Raiders have an opportunity to do so.

    In my opinion the Raiders belong in Oakland while the Chargers should stay in San Diego. But I do feel in the end that the Chiefs or Vikings will move there.

    Kansas City and St. Paul are very small markets and even with the vikings new stadium coming up theirs been rumors that the vikings couldn't even sell out some of their regular season games at a stadium that fit only 48,000 people.

    But what do you guys think?

    10 AnswersFootball (American)5 years ago
  • Does anyone still actually think that Peyton Manning is better then Tom Brady?

    After an embarrassing game by Pick 6 Peyton where he posted a 0 QB rating with pro bowl receiving targets I just find it laughable.

    He's played with multiple hall of fame receivers in his career while Brady plays with short white guys. When {Peyton did win a super bowl he threw for 3 touchdowns and 7 INT's in the playoffs while his D bailed him out in the super bowl with 5 turnovers and his running backs combined for over 200 rushing yards.

    Does anyone even have an argument anymore on why Peyton is better then Brady? Brady's QB rating is higher then Peyton Manning in the playoffs and the regular season. He's played with 3 hall of fame receivers (Harrison, Wayne, D Thomas) and has Vernon Davis.

    I respect this man greatly but the fanboys rise up his ego way too much.

    Top 10 QB's of all time.

    1. Tom Brady

    2. Joe Montana

    3. Johnny Unitas

    4. Brett Favre

    5. Peyton Manning

    6. John Elway

    7. Dan Marino

    8. Roger Staubach

    9. Warren Moon

    10. Sid Luckman

    8 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Why do people think Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the game when he's 2-4 in the playoffs since he won a Super Bowl?

    He has no excuses, he has great receivers, a good offensive line. And don't give me oh he's the most sacked QB talk. No he's the most sacked QB because he doesn't throw the ball away because it'll mess up his stats. Also did I mention he has a Top 5 running back in the game. Listen Aaron Rodgers is a great QB but Brady will always be better then him. He threw for 4 touchdowns against the best defense in the game with non-deflated footballs even though it doesn't matter. Rodgers = Overrated

    12 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Why isn't Josh freeman or Terrell Pryor on an NFL team right now?

    I know this may seem judgmental to say but I still think the NFL is racist about having a minority QB on the team. Josh Freeman is young and has seasons of success and is only 26. And Pyror is such a threat with his legs and made some great throws last year I just don't know why they aren't on team.

    Watching games and seeing Josh McCown, Jake Locker, Shaun Hill, and more nobodies who don't deserve a job in the NFL struggle it makes me wonder why these two guys don't have jobs.

    BQ: Will either of them be signed by an NFL team this year? If so which?

    13 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • How bad will toby Gerhart be starting for the Jaguars in 2014?

    This is a guy who fumbled 3 times in a a back-up runningback haha how is that even possible when you're backing up a legend getting 5-7 carries a game.

    People just like the dude because he's white, he's no 2012 version of Peyton Hillis that's for sure. He only started at Stanford because it's a racist school and he isn't a good football player. Lucky for him his team recovered a lot of his fumbles but still when you fumble the ball once every 30 attempts something is off about you. As he has 7 for his career as a back-up.......this is why the Jaguars will always suck until they fire the whole office all together. Ever since they got rid of David Garrard they've been a laughingstock. The fans there are better then people think get a real running back.

    7 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • Which government party do my ideas represent?

    I find my ideas are unique and combine a little bit of both liberal and conservative ideas. So I want to know if theirs a third party that really shows my ideas for the most part.

    1. I believe we should worry about our own problems and people as a country and not get involved with other nations. (giving 1 billion dollars to Ukraine) (invasion of Iraq). Other countries can solve their own problems and if you talk to the people in those middle eastern countries we get a bad name because the people there see us as a bully. I think we should spend money on our people and only our people.

    2. We spend a billion dollars a year on the military and are the #1 military spending country in the world. 60% of our money goes to it while only 6% goes to education and 5% to Science, and if you add the next 80 military spending countries after the U.S we still spend more then all of them do combined. It's insane. We should cut back on the military as we don't need to spend this much money. We're not in a war we should spend 8 million a year we already have enough supplies for wars we don't need to get involved in.

    3. I am straight but I believe in gay rights and gay marriage.

    4. I believe in equal rights to woman

    5. I think every person should be allowed to have a gun as long as they pass a background check.

    6. Low taxes, the government doesn't need as much money as they say

    7. Give more power to the states to make their own laws then the federal government.


    3 AnswersPolitics7 years ago
  • Where do you rank Peyton Manning on the best QB's of all time if he loses the super bowl?

    Obviously Peyton Manning has never been known for excelling in the playoffs. The one year he won the super bowl was because of his running game and defense. Don't believe me, then explain why he had 3 touchdowns and 7 Interceptions in the playoffs that year. In the lone Super Bowl that he won he was mediocre and had as many touchdowns as he did interceptions which was a lone 1. His running backs combined for over 200 rushing yards and his defense forced 5 turnovers.

    Now I am waiting to see if Peyton can be the sole reason for his team winning the super bowl. If he loses he has the most losses out of any QB in NFL history in the playoffs. With that on his legacy he will never become the GOAT with an 11-12 postseason record. These are my top 10 QB's of all time at the moment.

    10. Steve Young

    9. Peyton Manning

    8. Troy Aikman

    7. Terry Bradshaw

    6. Dan Marino

    5. John Elway

    4. Brett Favre

    3. Johnny Unitas

    2. Tom Brady

    1. Joe Montana

    The reason I don't have Peyton higher is because of the talent he has played with throughout his career. Hall of Famers Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Wes Welker (where Brady turned an undrafted free agent into a legend in New England) He played with the great runningbacks of Marshall Faulk, Edgerrian James and 1st rounders Knowshown Moreno, Donald Brown and Joespeh Addai. Dallas Clark and Julius Thomas two freaks of natures were given to him at his disposal. While Tom Brady won 3 rings with outcasts of David Givens, Deion branch, Troy Brown, and David Patten. His running back? J.R Redmond who most of you have never heard of in your life. He went 12-4 in 2006 with Reche Caldwell as his leading receiver again only patriot fans probably have even heard of him.

    These are just one of the many reasons why I believe Peyton Manning isn't as good as people believe until he wins this second ring. If he does I'm willing to move him up to #4 on my list ahead of Brett Favre. But being good in the second half of your career doesn't make people forget the struggles you had in your first half. We can't forget the season in 1998 where he threw a league high of 28 interceptions and went 3-13. We can't forget the rant in 2000 by Coach Jim Mora when the infamous "Playoffs" rant was started because his QB threw for 4 interceptions (Peyton Manning). We can't forget his eight one and done exits from the playoffs and we can't forget the time he choked in the super bowl against the saints and the seahawks.....that's right I said it. Have fun crying peyton. Seahawks will win the super bowl. I bet my life on it.

    5 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • So will Marc Trestman get fired if the Bears go 9-7 and miss the playoffs?

    Because Lovie Smith got fired because of a 10-6 record so it would only make sense for him to be fired.

    BQ: Where will Brandon Weeden be next year? and Starter or back up as it seems Jason Campbell has proved he can be a starter in the NFL.

    14 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago