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  • Facebook - how much can a person banned from a page see?

    Under the "banned members" section of a Facebook Page's settings, it says:

    "A person who's banned can't post, comment, send messages or take other actions on the Page."


    Are they still able to find and SEE the Page though?

    If they are friends with a person who is part of the Page, will they see updates on that friend's timeline?

    I need to be able to set up a Page for an event, it needs to be a public Page so that anyone can join in (because we need volunteers), but I also need a small specific group of people to not know the Page exists (because its a surprise for them).

    So would it work to create the page and automaitcally ban them before they see any notifications? Or would they still see that it exists on mine and other mutal friend's feeds?


    Facebook11 months ago
  • Do UK elections accept write-in candidate votes?

    Not postal.

    I mean is it accepted as a vote if you write a name on the ballot paper, for a write-in candidate?

    Or is it considered a spoiled ballot?

    I know some other countires such as the US) allow for write-in candidates, but I'm unsure if the UK does.


    4 AnswersElections1 year ago
  • Facebook: start a Page without specific Friends knowing?

    Is there a way I can start a new Page, and then manage it and post on it, without specific people in my Friends list ever finding out it exists?

    Can I completely stop some friends seeing my Page activity?

    (Trying to organize a surprise for some people.)


    1 AnswerFacebook2 years ago
  • UK Law: Can a mother move away with the kids?

    Opening preface: by friend is an idiot, and please cite sources.

    So my friend and his wife are seperated, have been for a couple of years. Divorce seems likely, but according to her (through our mutual friends) she's waiting for him to have an inheritance worth taking through a divorce settlement.

    The meat of the question though - they have two children (she has another child from a previous relationship).

    She is planning to move away, from England to Northern Ireland.

    THis has made my friend exremely grumpy and angry as I'm sure you can imagine. He doesn't want to lose contact with his kids, but he can't afford to move because he literally gives her every penny he makes.

    He's living in my spare room right now, because he has no money for rent.

    So, to try to help him in some way, can his wife do this?

    Is she legally allowed to move away with the kids, thus denying him access?

    Please cite sources. Thanks.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Can you see everything on my Youtube account?

    In theory, if a person had multiple LINKED Youtube accounts, or one account with mutliple channels on it, can someone visiting or subscibing to one of those channels see ALL of the channels or accounts?


    2 AnswersYouTube4 years ago
  • Changing default settings in Microsoft Office?

    Specifically looking at Powerpoint - is there a way to change the default settings such as page size, font, etc, so that new documents open with different settings?

    For exmaple, normally Powerpoint will open a new document as a 4:3 slide, but I'd like it set to an A4 page.

    1 AnswerSoftware4 years ago
  • UK: Injured wrist two weeks ago. GP or Minor Injuries?

    So about two and a half weeks ago, I came off my bicycle. Long story, another idiot was involvd.

    Wrist hurt a bit, but just felt like a sprain.

    But two weeks later, the pain has not decreased, and has gotten slightly worse. it now definitely feels to be on the wrist bone.

    So I should really ge tit checked in case of a fracture, but do I go to Minor Injuries at my local hospital, or is this a simple job for a GP?

    (Not really sure what sort of timeframe for an injury Minor Injuries are good with)

    1 AnswerInjuries4 years ago
  • I need advice on how to wire up some LEDs?

    I'm trying to custom wire up a toy plane for a nephew, and I'm not the best at knowing exactly what I need for the wriing. Specifically if theres a certain way I have to do it, and what resistors to use (and where).

    So I could do with someone who knows what they're talking about to help out?

    So theres a hatch at the back I'll be able to take a battery pack in and out of.

    Inside, I'll need (LED sizes based on best guesses as to what will fit - don;t know if they actually exist in these sizes):

    two large lights, maybe 1cm wide each, and two smaller - roughly 4mm wide LEDS.

    They're be a further 2x 4mm LEDs on each wing.

    And at the front, 4x 4mm wide LEDs, and 4x 2mm wide LEDs.

    A further 1cm wide light on the top, and one on the bottom.

    So 18 lights of various sizes in total.

    Whats the best way to do this?


    3 AnswersOther - Electronics5 years ago
  • Can you change the default settings for Office programs?

    For example, Powerpoint opens new files as slides as standard 4:3 landscape pages. Could I change the default so it opens all new files as A4 portrait?

    2 AnswersSoftware5 years ago
  • Employment Agencies Act 1973 - charging applicants?

    The Employment Agencies Act 1973 (Charging Fees to Workers) Regulations 1976 (SI 1976 No 714)) generally prevents employers and agencies from charging fees to workers for finding or seeking to find them jobs. As I understand it, this means that you can't charge somoene to view job adverts or apply for jobs online.

    The act makes reference to "certain" exceptions within the entertainment industry though, but I can't find details on what these exceptions are.

    Any information you can find on this would be extremely helpful.

    5 AnswersLaw & Legal5 years ago
  • PS4: What is error code: CE-35491-2?

    Tried to play a DVD. I had been watching one, it ended, put in another (disc two of the same series box set). It tried to load, then again. Then the Options button flashed in the bottom left corner, then it tried to load again. Then a message came on screen saying: "Could not play disc. (CE-35491-2)"

    I've tried to search this one down, did a seaerch on Playstations support website and on Google generally, and have found nothing on this particular error code. Customer Support suggested I try rebuilding the database, but it didn't work.

    The disc itself is as new without a scratch on it.

    Anyone know what this code is?

    5 AnswersPlayStation6 years ago
  • MTG: Does a spell still go off if there isn't enough mana?

    This nquestion relates to a specific card I can't remember the name of, so for now I will called it Fred.

    So, my opponent has Fred on the table, who has the ability that spells cost (1) less mana to play.

    Opponent starts to play a spell, and it costs one less.

    In response to his playing that spell, I play a direct damage Instant, destroying Fred. My thought here was that if Fred were destroyed, my opponent won;t have paid enough mana to play his spell.

    Now it seems I was wrong, and the spell resolved an yway, but I'm not quite sure how that worked out. I always figured that the whole point of being able to play Instants in response to something so to weaken or stop it from happening, but apparently its happening anyway.

    So, does destroying Fred stop a spell if not enough mana was spent?

    And if it doesn't, can you explain why not?

    3 AnswersCard Games6 years ago
  • Samsung Galaxy/Android Notification sound not working?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, running on Android.

    I've got a Notifications folder set up, in which is an MP3 file. This plays just fine when I access it through the phone, and can be set as my Notification tone, however when I actually get a message through, it doesn't play. The phone will vibrate (I checked the box to vibrate when ringing) but not play the Notification sound.

    Sounds work fine on everything else including phone calls, its just text messages that don't work.

    I've tried looking online and found no help.

    The only two suggestions I found were to remove AT&T (which my phone doesn't have), or swipe along the windscreen until I find a circle with an i because this is the notifications turn on and off (again, can't find on my phone).

    All help appreciated.

    4 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • UK Election - can a party leader become PM if he is not an MP?

    Please cite a reference if you can please.

    So, theoreticaly question.

    We have an election. A party wins and forms a government.

    (It doesn;t matter which party, this is theoretical).

    One issue though, the party leader does NOT win the election in their own constituency, and as such is not eletced as an MP.

    In this situation, is he allowed to remain party leader and become Prime Minister?

    So if either Labour of the Conservatives win the election, but their leader (Cameron or Milliband) does not get elected as an MP, can they still be Prime Minister?


    5 AnswersElections6 years ago
  • UK Inheritance Tax and gifts, etc?

    Theoretical situation regarding UK inneritance tax.

    So, a person, lets call them A, has died. Person B inherits from them, and pays the Inheritance Tax.

    In B then decides to give some of that money to one of their own children, whom we shall call C, the questions are:

    1/ Does C have to pay any fuerther Inheritance Tax?

    2/ Does C have to declare this money to HMRC when doing a self assessment, and will they have to pay any other kind of tax on it.

    Please cite specific rules if you can. The most clarity and certainty I can have, the better.


    4 AnswersUnited Kingdom7 years ago
  • MTG: Kiora The Crashing Wave?

    Ok, this is a silly one.

    I understand that this is pushing things a little far, and my group have rightly ruled against it, but I was wondering if there is any specific rule that would OFFICIALLY rule against this:

    So, Kiora The Crashing Wave, the Planeswalker.

    Here big ability gives you an Emblem, and on both Kiora and the Emblem it reads:

    "At the beginning of your end step, put a 9/9 blue Kraken creature token onto the battlefield."

    So, it does not say "under your control".

    Usually cards will specifically say this, but on Kiora it doesn't, so could the Kraken be brought onto the battlefield and be put anywhere?

    (The situation was a two-headed giant, could my partner bring the Kraken into play under MY control, or even under an opponents control if he really wanted to?)

    4 AnswersCard Games7 years ago
  • I think Flash is broken. Videos won't load, etc.?

    I use Firefox, latest version, on a Mac with OS X. It was fine the other day, I shut it down, restarted yesterday and suddenly Flash content wasn't working (at least I assume it's Flash).

    Videos won't load (neither Youtube, nor BBC iPlayer), and an experiment to check seems that browser games (Newgrounds, Kongregate, etc) won't load either.

    When checking Youtube, the Comments wouldn't load either.

    I tried going to the Adobe site to reinstall Flash, but the problem won't let me click the link to download it.

    Please help.


    4 AnswersYouTube7 years ago
  • I think Flash is broken. Videos won't load, etc.?

    I use Firefox, latest version, on a Mac with OS X. It was fine the other day, I shut it down, restarted yesterday and suddenly Flash content wasn't working (at least I assume it's Flash).

    Videos won't load (neither Youtube, nor BBC iPlayer), and an experiment to check seems that browser games (Newgrounds, Kongregate, etc) won't load either.

    When checking Youtube, the Comments wouldn't load either.

    I tried going to the Adobe site to reinstall Flash, but the problem won't let me click the link to download it.

    Please help.


    3 AnswersOther - Internet7 years ago
  • Mac OS Mavericks - messed anything up?

    I'm looking for advice from anyone who has upgraded to Mac OS Mavericks.

    Basically I want to know if upgrading to Mavericks will

    a) mess up any programs I already have installed on my Mac


    b) mess up any files currently on the Mac.

    I'm currently using Os 10.6.8 (which i believe is Snow Leopard).

    Help and advice appreciated.

    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • svchost - what are these services?

    SO I recently had what Microsoft say is the "rare" XP bug of the svchost going nuts and taking up 99% of my CPU.

    I found a fix, which seems to be working, and finally manage to download something that tells me which svchost services were actually running (Tasklist).

    The problem is I have no idea what most of these things are, and any attempt to Google them only gives me results of people saying they have trouble with it. Nothing that tells me what they are, or i they're good or bad.

    I therefore ask you people. Below is the list of services my laptop is currently running. Can anyone tell me what the hell they are? Are there any I should really drop?


    The full list from Tasklist is:








































    3 AnswersSoftware8 years ago