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  • Decoupage help ?

    I have practised the art of decoupage for last 10 years and have made some beautiful pieces.  I practise the craft in a very old fashioned way where hundreds of coats of varnish and hours of sanding are required.

    I have come to know that there are some modern varnishes and modern techniques that use application of one layer on top of your composition  and it gives the same effect as what i work hard for.

    Can anyone please guide me on how to do that please?


    1 Answer2 weeks ago
  • how do you make soap?

    2 Answers2 weeks ago
  • Stamp collection ?

    My uncle, who recently passed, had an extensive U S and foreign stamp collection.

    Is there a market for this? I don’t hear of anyone collecting stamps.

    1 Answer2 weeks ago
  • What kind of vintage slot machine is this and what value does it have? Would really appreciate some insight. ?

    Also has a sticker on the bottom that reads “Coin machine certificate issued by tax commission State of Washington” 

    2 weeks ago
  • Degrading someone for their interests/hobbies or degrading them in general to get what you want is manipulation, right?

    My younger sister keeps degrading me, my interests/hobbies, hell even my sexuality when I don’t do things she want me to. It’s honestly annoying, and I’ve told her to stop multiple times cuz it’s toxic but she just won’t. It’s not only me either, she does this to others around her too.

    7 Answers2 weeks ago
  • Does anyone else enjoy writing erotica in personal journal entries?

    I keep a personal private journal in which I write erotica. It can get really taboo and heavy. When I fill the journal I burn it because twice the same person ended up reading it.  

    It helps me release sometimes  the "situations" that will never happen. So my question is

    I was wondering if anyone else had this hobby? 

    1 Answer3 weeks ago
  • Help a new EDC-er out with your knowledge?

    Okay so new to EDC. This stuff is a rabbit hole lol.

    Okay so I need advice for a knife. Backstory going to use something like Hitch and Timber engineer caddy for EDC. Google Bespoke Post Pocket for the caddy, the caddy is from Ezra Arthur, made in USA supposed to be a great brand. Comes with a knife and flashlight. Both generic, but the the wallet is great for $45. I would like to knife to fit in there, think the wallet is 4.5 in in height but not the end of the world If it doesn’t fit.

    Anyways so my question is since I’m replacing the generic knife I need some advice.

    I can get either a Chaparral CF scales, Mini Bugout, regular bugout or Delica for close to a $100 in basically new condition. A mini bugout in CF for the$140. Any thoughts on black vs satin coated blades?

    Portability is good but anything under 5 oz is good. I was planning to put brass scales on the knives anyway so it’ll be much heavier but I’m okay with that.

    The knife is going to be used for everyday cutting tasks nothing heavy. Cardboards, plastics, some rope while camping etc.

    I have a Haswell Buscraft knife on the way. If you know anything about that please enlighten me. Not for EDC but for camping.

    And lastly I will probably carry a Leatherman signal on the daily. Love this beast but if my edc gets too heavy might replace this with a SAK tinkerer or similar.

    Anyways thanks for reading all that. Pretty new to EDC so kinda flying blind here so turning to the experts!

    Thanks again y’all!

    1 Answer3 weeks ago
  • Gorilla glue?

    I bought clear gorilla glue and I need to glue something in my car that had broken off.. what kind of glue the item with the windows rolled up or do I have to keep the windows rolled down?

    3 Answers3 weeks ago
  • Crochet stitches based on double crochet?

    I’m trying to crochet a rainbow blanket using seven different double crochet stitches, and I need ideas for two more. I have:

    - regular/plain double crochet - herringbone double crochet - extended double crochet - center double crochet - linked double crochet Anyone have any other suggestions?

    2 Answers4 weeks ago
  • What are some crochet stitches based on double crochet?

    I’m crocheting a rainbow blanket and I wanted to crochet each color in a different stitch that’s based on double crochet. I’d like them to not be mesh like, and I need 7 different stitches.

    So far I have: - double crochet - extended double crochet - linked double crochet - center double crochet - herringbone double crochet I need two more. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1 Answer4 weeks ago
  • Is there a way to waterproof an rc car? ?

    I have an enoze 9301e (if you need to, you can Google that model) and I have driven it in the rain and it hasn't messed up. But, to be safer, does anyone know how to add extra waterproofing to it? This is my car and I've had it in heavy rain too. 

    4 weeks ago
  • Is it "Collect a orange lotus" or "Collect an orange lotus"?

    Please explain your answer. Thank you.

    3 Answers4 weeks ago
  • What does a restrike coin mean?

    There's this old coin I would want to have in my collection from the 16th century. But this coin being sold is a 19th restrike of a 16th century coin. Does this mean they made this coin again in the 19th century?

    5 Answers4 weeks ago
  • Can I tuft a rug with lace weight yarn?

    Can I use a tufting gun with lace weight yarn?

    1 Answer4 weeks ago
  • Does all silver...?

    Have a 925 stamp if it’s real? Do crooks ever stamp fake silver?

    4 Answers4 weeks ago